Ahlan wa Sahlan

Welcome to ARABIC ART ACADEMY, by Claudia Cenci, a center for professional teaching oriental dance, with online courses for all those who want to improve their knowledge and achieve artistic excellence. I invite everyone to discover the world of dance, music, cinema and egyptian cuisine. My home country is Egypt and I am an expert in the culture of this precious country. How many things are to come, embark on this journey with me!

Online Courses

Professional Training in Oriental Dance. Egyptian Arabic language. Musicality. Egyptian cuisine.

Personal Commitment

Commitment is the gateway for our students, as we value study and dedication in approaching and developing themes.

Love and Respect 

The fundamental principle of the ARABIC ART ACADEMY is the profound respect for the Arab/Egyptian tradition. If you love this culture and want to help it stay strong, welcome!

Artistic Growth

Leading each student on the unique path of their artistic and personal development is my mission.

Oriental Dance

If you like the root style, connected with the Arab culture, this is your place!


Rhythm, sagats, tabla. Musical perception. Great artists from the Arab world. Yalla!

Interpretation and Theatricality

Art as a form of expression of the deepest feelings.

Nigma Project coming...

Make your star shine!

Learn by singing

Lose the fear and shame of speaking Arabic!

Watch the egyptian movies

And learn a lot about the culture of Egypt!

Coffee and Culture

Meetings and lectures